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About Us

Discover the man behind the bottles: Salvadore Bortone, the pioneering spirit behind Bortone Fruit Winery. With a personal mantra that champions living life to the utmost and letting imagination lead the way, Salvadore's journey is as diverse as it is passionate. As a seasoned pharmaceutical executive, Salvadore mastered the intricate medicine marketing and manufacturing process. He’s worn many hats in his accomplished career. Yet, his heart truly belongs to the vineyards - he's a wine enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity and a palate for bold and complex flavors.

Salvadore's journey in the world of wines is a tale of the relentless pursuit of hidden gems and undiscovered pearls. From the captivating small-batch Tempranillos of Spain to the robust Malvasias and Primitivos in Italy's Puglia region, his path traced the globe, seeking the lesser-known masterpieces. His travels brought him to Argentina's bold and aromatic Malbecs, full-bodied Carmeneres from Chile’s Colchagua Valley,  and the vibrant and robust Tannat wines from Uruguay's Canelones region. Each experience fueled his belief that the most magical discoveries often lie in unexpected places.  

With age and awareness of functional nutrition, his perspective shifted to wines that would not only tantalize his taste buds but also nourish and contribute to overall wellness when taken in moderation. He began to dream of wines that combined traditional grape wines' luxury and complexity with exotic superfruits' health benefits. This vision materialized into Bortone Fruit Winery, a testament to Salvadore's fearless spirit and dedication to innovation. Pushing the boundaries of enology and challenging convention, he crafts unparalleled wines from tropical fruits, blending wellness with indulgence.

Unrestricted by the constraints of tradition, he finds this endeavor thrilling and deeply rewarding, marking it as the most exhilarating project of his life. His innovative approach redefines the world of winemaking, encouraging wine enthusiasts to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery. For Salvadore, the essence of life is clear: pursue your dreams with unwavering passion and embrace every twist and turn. In his own words, "That's living”.